Guangzhou Clean-Link Filtration Technology Co., Ltd.

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Katoen van het Plafond van het Middel van de ...

MOQ: 5 Rolls
Prijs Geldig Tijd: 8/6/2013 ~ 8/9/2013


Basic Info
  • Model No: S-600G
Extra Informatie..
  • Trademark: Clean-Link
  • Packing: PE Bag
  • Standard: 1.6/2.0*21m*22mm
  • Origin: Guangzhou in China
  • HS Code: 4451965223
  • Production Capacity: 10000000 Roll/Year.

C-600G Ceiling fitler

1. It is made from the anti-break organic synthesis fiber in high-powered high melt way;
2. The wind surface of the mesh is specially compact, this structure make the filtering material keep the:

High filteringefficiency
Large dust holding capacity;
Even more;
Working life;
Saves the systems operation cost;

3. It is at the customers' choice that the material have the entire coherency, the surface viscosity, dry processin


1. Applied to the air filtration for the painting factory, the spray workshop, stoving varnish room and so on.
2. Applied to automotive factory, the auomobile repair shop, the motorcycle fctory, the bicycle factory, the operating system of the household appliances painting.

Type C 6 00G C-5 6 0G C-350G AF- 6 00G FS- 6 00G S 6 00G
Materiaal Polyester
Aanvankelijke weerstand 30Pa 35Pa 30Pa 45Pa 35Pa 35Pa
Definitieve weerstand 450Pa 430Pa 400Pa 430Pa 450Pa 450Pa
De holding van het stof bij geteste def. 6 50g/m ² 580g/m ² 380g/m ² 430g/m ² 6 20g/m ² 6 80g/m ²
De klasse van de filtratie F5
De vochtigheid van de weerstand 100%
Temp.resistance 120°c 120°c 110°c 120°c 120°c 120°c ort pieken 140°c 140°c 120°c 140°c 140°c 140°c
Dikte 22mm
De groottenorm van het broodje 1. 6 *21
Guangzhou Clean-Link Filtration Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangdong , China
Heeft Geregistreerd in : 2011
Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant & Trading Company


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