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De Lijn van de Doos van Automaticrigid (Overgegaan Ce)

Prijs Unit: US $ 150000 / Set Krijg Recentste Prijs
MOQ:1 Set
Trade Algemene Voorwaarden:FOB
Betalingscondities:LC, T / T
Prijs Geldig Tijd:17/9/2014 ~ 28/9/2014
Leverancier Profiel
  • Wenzhou Zhongke Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Audited Supplier
  • Zhejiang China
  • Soort Bedrijf: Fabrikant
  • Belangrijkste Producten: Verpakking Machine, doos machine, box die machine, volautomatische stijve doos making machine, ...
  • Dienst OEM/ODM: Ja

Product Detail

Basic Info

Model No:ZK-660A
Type: Carton Verpakkingsmachines
Automatische gradering: Automatisch

Extra Informatie.

Verpakking:Wooden Crate
Standaard:CE, ISO9001: 2000


Full Automatic Rigid Box Making Machinery
Model: ZK-660A

General Introduction:
Zhongke is the first factory to produce Full-Automatic Rigid Box Making Machinery in China. Our machine is suitable to produce the cardboard or chipboard boxes, such as shoe box, elegant gift box, Shirt box, strap boxes, puzzle game box and any two pieces set-up box.

Product Introduction
ZK-660A is now china's most advanced and most efficient equipment of producing perfect bottom-locked cardboard cartons and cover like shoes boxes, shirt boxes, garment boxes, gift boxes, and other boxes. The machine wrapped the box in one process. It adopts PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracing system, touch-sensitive screen, achieving paper feeding, gluing, cardboard folding, spotting, automatic arm guiding, wrapping, and box coming out in one process. The entire processes are automatic. Compared with the traditional hand made production, the produce efficiency improves by 50 times. (Please visit our website or call us for the detail information)

Comparing with other semi-automatic machine or handmade working, our full-automatic machine has more advantages:
1. We only need 2 operators to run the machine. However semi-automatic machine need about 12 skilled employees.
2. Our machine needs the hot melt glue, which has no pollution to people. However semi-automatic machine use the white glue or industrial glue, which has the fatal damage to people's health.
3. The quality of the finished box is good, because it was controlled by the computer and accurate servo motor. The error is about 0.5mm. However the semi-automatic machines make the box by their eyes and experiences. The error is big.
4. Our machine has the fast speed to make the box, about 1500pcs/hour. And the broken error probability is less than 2%.

Lines for the production of rigid set up boxes
(luxury boxes, luxury packaging, gift boxes, wine and spirit boxes, shirt and shoes boxes, make-up and toiletry boxes, biscuits and cakes boxes, ring binder boxes, cd dvd and book boxes, cylindrical boxes).

De omslaggrootte van het document Amin 150mm   De omslaggrammage van het document Min 100g/
Amax 580mm Maximum 160g/
Bmin 180mm De lege dikte van het karton Min 0.8mm
Bmax 660mm Maximum 3mm
De grootte van de doos Lmin 125mm Snelheid 1500 (Cycle/h)
Lmax 400mm De stapelhoogte van het document 260mm
Wmin 85mm De stapelhoogte van het karton 1000mm
Wmax 300mm Elektro macht 20kw
Hmin 20mm De tankcapaciteit van de lijm 45 (Liter)
Hmax 125mm De levering van de lucht 12 (Liter/min)
Het vouwen van de Waaier van de Rand: R Rmin 12mm Netto gewicht 8000kg
Rmax 25mm De algemene afmeting van de machine L6.8XW3.5XH2.6m

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