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super fine Impact Mill

MOQ: 1 Set
Betalingscondities: LC, T / T
Model No: LHJ


Basic Info
  • Model No: LHJ
  • Breken Style : Slijpen en Impact

1. Low energy consumption: Our super fine impact mills integrate the functions or centrifugal mill, impact grinding mill, etc, thus enable a higher crushing capability and lower energy consumption;

2. High fineness: LHJ serials impact mills are equipped with self-diffluent classification system; Product fineness is above 2500 mesh.

3. Suitable for milling materials with a wide range or size: Below 50mm.

4. Wear-resistance: The wearing parts or our impact mills are maggot or wear-resistance composite materials, which feature lung service life and property no pollution to materials while the Mohs hardness or the material are lower than 5.

5. Stable mechanical performance: Our super fine impact crusher can work continuously for 24 hours without stopper.

6. Complete functions:

(1) suitable for crushing spiculate materials and produced product L/D could be 15:1.

(2) No temperature rise during milling process, ash a result, the super fine grinding mill are suitable for thermo-sensitive material crushing.

(3) Calcined material scattering are possible.

(4) Particle shaping function are available and can help improve bulk of density.

(5) Our super fine impact mill are also suitable for grinding fiber texture materials.

(6) Equipped with material drying function, ash a result, the impact mill are also suitable for grinding materials with high water content.

(7) Suitable for grinding high viscosity materials.

7. No dust pollution for negative pressure production.

8. High automation, simple operation and stable performance.

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