Xiamen Aokuang Import/ Export Co., Ltd.
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Xiamen Aokuang Import/ Export Co., Ltd.

Aokuang Import/export Company in China is the continuation and the development of the businesses of Aokuang France which was created in 2006 by Chistian Petitpre and Weili-Veillard. To facilitate the importation of your products from China, Aokuang places at your disposal an effective team to carry out the sourcing, the negotiation, follow-up of order, the monitoring of the production, the quality control, the logistic aspect and the safety of payment. The objective of us is to reduce your costs in provisioning, to have the best quality and to ensure the delivery within a good times. Our suppliers specializes in different fields from industry: Nozzle spray, copper connection fitting, foundry, lost wax casting, sand casting, screw, nut, undercutting, cutting, bar turning, automobile, Stamping, plastic injection, Dieting, Wiring.

Aokuang makes you realize to purchase directly with the source in full safety: We select the ideal partner according to your criteria, all the Aokuang's suppliers are qualified by the standard ISO 9001(Automobile to the standard ISO/TS16949). Our contract of confidentiality signed with our suppliers return the safety to you on our co-operation. Aokuang products present the high level of quality and our quality policy set up generates the satisfaction of our customers, it is in accordance with the standard ISO 9001, Aokuang will assurance the quality of your products for each purchase order.

Our superiority is as follows:
Dynamic Chinese company with French and Chinese employees
15 years of experiments of international trade (5 years based in France)
Possession of the professional and high level suppliers in the industry
Excellent knowledge about China and its region
Services offered in Mandarin, English and French
Quality control and follow-up of all the manufacturing process by our professional technician

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Soort Bedrijf : Trading Company
>Aantal Werknemers : 5~50
Business Scope : Produceren & Verwerken Machine , Ijzerwaren & Gereedschap , Industriële Apparaturen & Onderdelen
Registratie : 2012
Xiamen Aokuang Import/ Export Co., Ltd.
Fujian , China
Heeft Geregistreerd in : 2012
Soort Bedrijf : Trading Company