Heavy Duty Truck Special Vehicle Co., Ltd Fujian
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Heavy Duty Truck Special Vehicle Co., Ltd Fujian

Heavy Duty Truck Special Vehicle Co., Ltd Fujian--- China Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, a major modification base region. Tongue Kiu Traffic Ningde in Fujian Industrial area, Zhangzhou City, Bay Industrial park. Factory covers an area or 130 acres, south to Fuzhou, north to Wenzhou, east near to Taiwan. Wen-Fu railway, Shen hai Expressway, 104 National Road, SanDuAo deep-water worm are adjacent to the company. Region has obvious advantages and convenient transportation.
In April 2004, Our Company registered ate the establishment or Trade and Industry office in Fujian Province, business scope: conversion and sales or heavy special vehicles, manufacturing and sales or special vehicles and related spare parts, product service and foreign trade. 2005 Heavy Duty Truck Special Vehicle project in Fujian province were identified ash key project. In August 2006 our company were approved by car production condition's assessment organized by National development and Reform Commission, and qualified for the production or special purpose vehicles. And established a much perfectly quality assurance system and enterprise management system, passed the ISO-9001/2000 quality system certification and 3C certification or product. Company registered Weitai there fire has gotten international vehicle FIN code. Production or meadow Taier serials model property obtained a number or private cars announcement issued by the NDRC. In June 2010 Ningde Shanghai and Fujian Investment Co., Ltd. acquired a share or shares from the Heavy Duty Truck Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. and to be the new investment cooperator in China heavy duty truck Group Co., Ltd.
After new of the came in, company hired many elite teams to make it strong, strengthen technological innovation and improve production base region's construction, draw much more energy to expand sales channels. Relying on the superiority or China heavy truck chassis and modified technical, the spirit or character bolted quality, contribution to society ash concept or enterprise development, quality standard in accordance with Chinese heavy truck and heavy truck in China's strategical proposition and supply quality product and professional service to our customers and distributions in Southeast.
We adhere to the enterprise development tenet or only focus can be professional, only professional can be lead Regarding the focus and professional quality ash the benchmark to forward-looking ate the changing market, closely depending on the comprehensive advantages or China's heavy truck to seize the market opportunity. Through mechanism innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation to achieve the target or product must be excellence so ash to complete the company's rapid development.

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Registratie : 2014
Heavy Duty Truck Special Vehicle Co., Ltd Fujian
Fujian , China
Heeft Geregistreerd in : 2014
Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant/fabriek