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hydropneumatische pers, lucht hydraulische pers, hydro pneumatische pers fabrikant / leverancier in China.

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Het c-Kader van juli de Hydraulische Machine van het Ponsen van de Pers van de Hand (JLYC)

Referentie FOB Prijs:
US $ 1.800,00- 7.955,00  / Piece
MOQ: 1 Piece
Betalingscondities: LC, T / T, D / P, PayPal, Kleine-bedrag betalen, Western Union
Productiecapaciteit: 50 Set/Month
Verpakking: Polywood Box


Basic Info
  • Model No: JLYC
  • Type : High-Speed ​​Machine van het Ponsen
  • Punch Shape : Open Punch
  • Slider Movement : Dubbelwerkende
  • Slider Drive Mechanism : Rack Press
  • Controlling Mode : Kunstmatig
  • Automatische gradering : Halfautomatische
  • Energiebron : Pneumatisch
  • Precisie : High Precision
  • Certificaat : CE , ISO 9001
  • Conditie : Nieuw
Extra Informatie..
  • Trademark: JULY
  • Packing: Polywood Box
  • Standard: CE/ ISO9001
  • Origin: Donggua, China
  • HS Code: 8462919000
  • Production Capacity: 50 Set/Month

JLYC July C-frame Hydraulic Hand Press Punching Machine

Characters of July C-frame Hydraulic Hand Press Punching Machine
With compressed air as power source, easy to operate,
There is no noise and electricity consumption unlike the hydraulic system generated in standby to reduce production costs.
With the advantages of hydro pneumatic technology, works faster with high pressing force.
It is easy to adjust machines pressing force, only by regulating pressure of air source, you can get your required force.
C-frame solid structure, easy to operate, convenient to upload and download materials, that ensure efficient work.
Multifunctional use for indentation, punching, riveting, assembly, cutting, etc
Safe and humanness design, comfortable operation, suitable for long-term operation.
Different size working bed is customized, normally 650*550*700mm.
Operating manual of July C-frame Hydraulic Hand Press Punching Machine
To start machine by two hand buttons, time relay controls machine's return stroke.
Connected to power, in the "manual" state, operator can make machine do low force inching rise or inching drop action by pressing inching rise or inching drop buttons, so as to correct moulds.
In the "automatic" state, machine will start after operator put workpiece on work bed and press switches by two hands. During fast approach stroke, the upper moulds move to workpiece quickly and gently with low-noise, no impact, when upper moulds contact with workpiece machine will build up full power(power stroke) automatically from fast low force approach stroke until set-up time over, then time relay controls moulds returning automatically, so as to insure machine builds up enough pressing force required.
Speed of Fast approach stroke and returning stroke can be adjusted stepless, so as to meet different working frequency requirement.
Machine's maintenance system can process inlet compressed air so as to make it gas-water seperated and oil atomization, you can also adjust the pressure of inlet air source stepless, so that machine's output force is adjustable stepless.
With an emergency returning button, moulds can return immediately anytime.
There is a power stroke regulating valve, which can adjust pressing force of power stroke while machine's speed is not changed, in this way it can protect moulds and energy-saving.
Maintenance of July C-frame Hydraulic Hand Press Punching Machine
You can adjust machine's down speed by speed controlling valve, if need fast speed you can use quick exhaust valve.
Each machine's speed has certain limit (20-25 cycles/min), we have adjusted every machine to suitable speed before delivery. If you need fast speed please contact us.
Before connecting air source please clean gas pipe connector, remove impurities, water and so on.
You can adjust machine's output force by regulating power force valve, press force is indicated on pressure gauge.
Attentions of July C-frame Hydraulic Hand Press Punching Machine
Adopt easy and safe return circuit design, meet safety requirements of press machines, if you need further security protection facilities, please contact us.
Each machine's output force is theoretical value, practical output force is 85% of heoretical value, when you use our machines please ensure supply stable air source.
Please take machine's open height into account, please calculate the height of your moulds and workpiece.
Hydro pneumatic press has oil tank, please fill oil between top and bottom oil line, please use ISO VG 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil should be changed every year or 500000 cycles later, if oil is emulsified please change oil.
Please attention air source treatment's drainage function, if it is ineffective, please change new one.
When machine does not work for long time please release machine's pressure.
Application of July C-frame Hydraulic Hand Press Punching Machine
1. Bending/ Punching and connection
2. Riveting/ Blanking
3. Stretch for forming
4. Assembling and alignment
5. Clamping and extrusion



    1tonne / 3 Tonne / 10 Tonne / 20 Tonne / 30 tonne / 50 tonne

    Approach Stroke


    50 mm / 100 mm / 150mm / 250 mm/300mm/350mm

    Power Stroke


    5 mm / 15mm / 25 mm /30mm

    Air Pressure Required


    Maximum 6 Bar | Min 3 Bar

    Air Quality


    Filtered (40 Microns) Lubricated.

    Electrical Power


   As per your requirement

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