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waterstraal snijmachine, waterjet, waterstraal fabrikant / leverancier in China, dat kwaliteit Waterjet CNC van het Wapen van de Machine de Vliegende ..., Water Jet (DWJ1530-FB), Staal dat Straal Scherp Systeem Machine/Water snijdt ... en ga zo maar door.

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Ceramic Art Made by Waterjet Machine

MOQ: 1set
Productiecapaciteit: 1000sets
Verpakking: Wooden
Standaard: CE


Basic Info
  • Typ voor snijmachine : Stone Scherpe Machine
  • Type voor-Fold buigen Machine : CNC Fold-bend Machine
  • Automatisering : Automatisch
Extra Informatie..
  • Trademark: DARDI
  • Packing: Wooden
  • Standard: CE
  • Origin: Nanjing China
  • Production Capacity: 1000sets

Waterjet with a sword in stone, ceramic processing the application fields of features:

Second-ranking arbitrary shape cutting for the realization of artistic creation to provide effective tools, traditional way to cut is usually sawblade cutting, normally only cutting straight line. To cut curve, need to make accord with dimensional requirements template and then after a preliminary after cutting mainly artificial buffing way realization. Cooperate with the numerical control technology water knife under the control of the program can once completed any complex shape cutting for the realization of artistic creation to provide effective tools.

Second-ranking incision level, cutting quality is good, after cutting in the upper edge of the form will not incision "critical edge" phenomenon

High precision cutting machine cutting precision of 0.1 mm, flat-fell seam is even, can also be used to make a very complex jigsaw puzzle and murals.

Second-ranking cutting efficiency is quick

Second-ranking products consistency, has good compatibility

Can realize automatic feeding machine of function

Second-ranking improve working environment, reduce dust and noise to operator's influence

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