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waterstraal snijmachine, waterjet, waterstraal fabrikant / leverancier in China, dat kwaliteit Waterjet CNC van het Wapen van de Machine de Vliegende ..., Water Jet (DWJ1530-FB), Staal dat Straal Scherp Systeem Machine/Water snijdt ... en ga zo maar door.

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Glasses Cutting Machine, Waterjet Cutting Machine (DIPS6-2230)

MOQ: 1Set
Productiecapaciteit: 1000sets
Verpakking: Wooden
Standaard: 300mpa


Basic Info
  • Model No: DIPS6-2230
  • Type : Glassnijden Machine
  • Certificaat : CE
Extra Informatie..
  • Trademark: DARDI
  • Packing: Wooden
  • Standard: 300mpa
  • Origin: Nanjing China
  • Production Capacity: 1000sets

Glasses Cutting Machine, Waterjet Cutting Machine(DIPS6-2230)

Water cutting for any material cutting, more than traditional cutting has more superior, general motors, and energy conservation and environmental protection, is the world's newest cold cut craft and technology. Cut the glass surface finish high, can cut arbitrary shape, corner after the special software processing, can realize perfect arc cutting. Then after double grinding head of mill polishing burnish, 2 procedure can complete glass cutting all the steps of simple and convenient, greatly reduce artificial the quantity of Labour, which reduces the processing cost.

300Mpa high-pressure system: Economic and practical, lower cost, and can be used in thickness of metal and 10 mm under 30mm below horniness material cutting (such as stone, ceramic, glass, etc. ). Sizes: DIPS6 - 2230.

DARDI International Corporation
Jiangsu , China
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