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automatische kraan, automatische wc flusher, automatische zeepdispenser fabrikant / leverancier in China.

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Automatic toilet Flusher (MIKI-6071)

MOQ: 100Pieces
Betalingscondities: T / T
Model No: MIKI-6071


Basic Info
  • Model No: MIKI-6071
  • Structuur : Two Piece
  • Riolering : Washdown
  • Montage Type : Standing Floor

- Automatic flush for toilets eliminate contaminationcontamination contamination from handle touching
- Easiest and most cost effective way to gain the benefits or an water saving flushing system
- Match your flushing needs with the optimum in water conservation
- Converted your rest restroom to a higher sandard or hygiene

- Suitable for both seated toilet and squat toilet
- Fixtures stay clean, odor-free & presentable
- Ensures toilets are always flushed
- Easy installation and battery replacement

- No need to replace your current investment or flush valves or move plumbing
- 2 second detection delay to eliminate false flusher do to user movement
- Battery lasting for 1 years (excluded)
- Reaction distance: 70-120cm, low battery alarm indicator
- Applied water pressure: 0.02Mpa-0.8Mpa

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