Shenzhen Chinesehpl Board Co.,Ltd.

China HPL, fenol laminaat, compact laminaat fabrikant / leverancier.

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Shenzhen Chinesehpl Board Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Chinesehpl Board Co., Ltd. Specializes in the designing, manufacturing and marketing High Pressure Compact Laminate (HPL) and HPL Applications. Our product application includes lab worktops, toilet partitions, lockers, exterior and interior wall claddings, and public furniture.

We are operating on worldwide markets, our products have been exported to almost 30 countries, all of our factory basement covers 20000 square meters, focusing on providing high quality product for ...


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Bedrijfsnaam : Shenzhen Chinesehpl Board Co.,Ltd.
Bedrijf Adres : No. 24, Yonghe Road, Liuyue, Henggang Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
provincie : Guangdong
Land / Regio : China
Postcode : 518173
Telefoonnummer : 86-755-28281062
Faxnummer : 86-755-89511152
Contactpersoon : Emily
Positie : Foreign Sale Manager
Afdeling : Sale Department
Mobiel : 86-18824635667
Toonzaal :
Shenzhen Chinesehpl Board Co.,Ltd.
Guangdong , China
Heeft Geregistreerd in : 2015
Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant/fabriek