Xingtai ODM's Automobile parts manufacture Co., Ltd
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Xingtai ODM's Automobile parts manufacture Co., Ltd

Xingtai ODM's Automobile parts manufacture Co., Ltd, located in hebei xingtai lung yao county collapsed industrial park, the company was founded in 2006, our factory is producing non-standard. GB seal and rubber products various qimo rubber fittings specialized production factory, since the 2006 since established co-transformation introduction of seal (oil seal, o-rings) more than 6, 000 varieties and specifications.

Our factory has advanced material compound formulation and process flow with mold design and manufacture ability, and have equipped with an intelligent temperature control system of curing equipment. Main products are automobile oil seal, motorcycle oil seal, engineering machinery oil seal, hydraulic oil seal, valve oil seal, valve seal, skeleton oil seal, WuGuJia oil seal, combination of oil seal, duo-cone floating, rotate oil seal, iron shell oil seal, waterproof oil seal, high temperature, high pressure seal oil seal, polybutadience rubber seal, fluorine rubber seal, polyurethane oil seal, PTFE oil seal, silicone oil seal and various materials, specifications o-rings.

The product of our factory has high resistance, oil resistance, low temperature, wear-resisting, constant compression permanent deformation is small, frictional coefficient little, bright and clean and beautiful, sealing is reliable and durable, etc. Widely used in all kinds of metallurgical machinery, mechanical engineering, hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, lifting machinery, automobiles, internal combustion engines, machine tool, all kinds of mechanical equipment.

After years of technical accumulation, my factory to the foregoing foreign seal the product of the company has rich technical data, acceptable according to these companies sample order and provide corresponding after-sales service. Our factory has a strong technical force, processing, detection means is complete, the products implement three guarantees, abide by the contract and prompt delivery. The user satisfaction is our objective.

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Business Scope : Auto Parts
Registratie : 2013
Xingtai ODM's Automobile parts manufacture Co., Ltd
Hebei , China
Heeft Geregistreerd in : 2013
Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant/fabriek