Guangzhou Gangyangda Plastic Co., Ltd.
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Guangzhou Gangyangda Plastic Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Gangyangda Plastic Co., Ltd. Was set up by a group of industry-reputed Chinese professors and experts jointly with American returned PhD holders in June, 1996. In 2001, the factory was moved to Caohe Industrial Zone, Qiaonan Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou. Now, our company covers an area of 12, 000sqm and has design room, sample making room, testing room for tracking the mechanical, flame retardant, thermal, electrical and optical properties of products at any time. Our main business is developing and producing the raw materials for high-quality, high-performing flame retardant engineering plastics and our annual output is 20, 000 tons of functionally modified engineering plastics, which constitute five major categories of raw materials with the unique features as follows:

Category 1: Modified flame retardant polycarbonate (PC)
Halogen-free PC with flame retardant; Super-thin flame class rating of UL94-5V at 0.5mm, transparent PC with high oxygen index (OI of 28-47), opaque PC with high oxygen index; Glow wire ignitability temperature of 850-960 temp; Low halogen, environmental and flame retardant; Transparent PC with high temperature resistance (HDT of 185 temp) and flame retardant; Halogen-free PC with flame retardant and strength enhanced, etc.;

Category 2: Modified PC raw materials with excellent electrical and electronic properties: Comparative tracking resistance (CTI of 250V) and flame retardant polycarbonate (PC); Comparative tracking resistance (CTI of 600V) and flame retardant nylon; High performance raw materials of high insulation, arc resistance, high dielectric constant extremely low loss, stable creepage distance, antistatic, conduction and shielding, etc.

Category 3: Advanced engineering plastics with resistance to high temperature:
1. Transparent, high temperature resistant polycarbonate (PC) (HDT is 185 temp);
2. FDA-approved Polyketone PEK (HDT is 325 temp), which is high temperature resistant, oil resistant, high stiffness and toughness, known as "the steel of plastic";
3. Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) - heat conduction and sinking; Hydrolysis resistance; Anti-wear; Comparative tracking resistance (CTI of 300V); Toughened enhanced modification, etc.
4. Nylon 12, the material for sound mute gear - sound silent, high temperature-resistant, oil resistance, sound silence between plastic and plastic or plastic and metal;
5. Polyphthalamide PPA, PA46, PA66 flame retardant, toughness enhanced, strength enhanced, etc.

Category 4: Modified polycarbonate (PC):
Transparent, anti-boiling & steaming, hydrolysis resistance; Anti-ultraviolet, anti-scratch, glow wire ignitability temperature of 850 temp for switch panels; High gloss; Cold resistance, anti-ultraviolet; High reflection and blocking, flame retardant; Cold resistance, low temperature impact resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance; Anti-chemical erosion (carbon tetrachloride and tetrahydrofuran resistance) modification, etc.;

Category 5: Polycarbonate (PC) blends:
1. (PC)/ABS - environmental friend and flame retardant, anti-scratch, electroplating grade, the blend dedicated for mobile frame; High stiffness, anti-scratch and flame retardant (fire-proof) blend dedicated for laptop;
2. (PC)/PBT flame retardant, toughness & strength enhanced, anti-chemical erosion, cold resistance, etc.;
3. (PC)/PTFE-(PC)/MOS2, anti-wear, strength enhanced;
4. ASA/(PC) - anti-weather, high gloss;
Accurate color matching and dyeing: L a b of D65 F C light sources satisfies color aberration of 0.2 or -0.2 % simultaneously;

Our products have been widely used in electronics, electrical appliance, lighting, office, precision machinery, automobile, locomotive, medical treatment and health care, cable & wire, film, video & audio equipment, sporting goods, household goods and so on, and we have been recognized and reputed by our users as well as the industry.

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Guangzhou Gangyangda Plastic Co., Ltd.
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Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant/fabriek