Lilac Lamps

handgemaakte lamp fabrikant / leverancier in China.

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Met de hand gemaakte Chinese Klassieke Lampen

Standaard: ISO/IEC, UL
Oorsprong: Beijing China


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  • Standard: ISO/IEC, UL
  • Origin: Beijing China

Exquisite and gorgeous simplicity & profoundness from the East

Located in Beijing, capital of China, Lilac Lamps is a firm set up by two vigorous Chinese natives, Lilac and Burns, who have substantial passions for their motherland and her cultures & history.

China´s civilized history can be traced back to five thousand years ago. Throughout the dynasties art has been expressed in many different forms such as literature, music, calligraphy, language, painting, architecture and craftwork, all which live on today. Some people in the west associate China with ornate heavy carving, complex patterns, searing reds and bright gold but there is another side which began hundreds of years ago in the Ming dynasty, the second Chinese imperial dynasty from the bottom. Celestial balance, harmony and order, these are the very words which aptly depict the lamps and interiors from that era. The lamps feature simple, smooth and flowing lines, with plain but elegant decoration showing the inherent gracefulness of their basic structure.

Chinese lamps have a long history. Especially in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, they reached a pinnacle of fine design and workmanship. The shapes of lamps during that period were simple, lucid and beautiful for their elegant designs. The techniques also reached their peak. For example, the craftsmen never use nails or glue to build up a piece of solid and adorable lamp.

Uniquely designed and meticulously manufactured, Lilac Lamps offer table lamps & floor lamps made of wood/stone/bronze etc. Boasting elaborate handicraft with strikingly profound Chinese classical styles and designs. Ideas of developing the designs and shapes are originated from Chinese ancient folk wares, royal and aristocratic palace ornaments, characters/articles recounted in Chinese classical novels, characters/articles/animals recounted in Chinese mythology, characters/articles in Chinese indigenous religions (Buddhism, Taoism). Lampshades are fabricated of genuine Chinese silk covering a large range of spectacular forms and colors. All parts are developed and produced in conformance with Chinese national and ISO/IEC, UL standard requirements.

The philosophy of the company is simple, to bring elegant and far-reaching Chinese interior lamps to the world. We select designs, fabrics and materials which mesh well with more modern living and have a range of products which we think are an agreeable fusion of East and West.

Lilac Lamps
Beijing , China
Heeft Geregistreerd in : 2006
Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant/fabriek