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Gezonde Food Black Garlic Rich in Vitamins en Activity SOD 12bulbs/Bag USD10.46/Bag

Referentie FOB Prijs:
US $ 8,05  / Piece
MOQ: 1.000 Pieces
Betalingscondities: LC, T / T


Basic Info
  • Type : Normaal Wit
  • Stijl : Geheel

Packaging Details: Black Garlic bulbs(12bulbs/Bag,240bulbs/20Bags/PCS)

retail price:under 50PCS(including mix)

bulk  price:More than 50PCS(including mix)

Why choose us?
We are black garlic manufacturer,since 2007,
we have professional fermentation technology.
We can provide black garlic series products:
including MuShan black garlic, MuShan Peeled black garlic, MuShan black garlic Sauce, MuShan black garlic capsule,MuShan black garlic soft capsule and Black garlic powder.
Mushan black garlic richly containing 18 kinds of amino acids which are essential to human body,amino acids content is higher than other black garlic,this is the MouShan black garlic price slightly high reason.
Important!!to buy black garlic must see...
Reminder: dear, because black garlic is a high-tech product, when you buy black garlic, you should require manufacturers to provide the amino acid content test report, it can prove that black garlic quality.inferior black garlic amino acid content with the white black garlic is no difference, please buy carefully.
Our company has all export qualification and we can provide the amino acid content test report that enough to prove our black garlic quality is better than Japan, South Korea, Taiwan.
P.S. We can't publish the18 kinds of amino acid content test report on the Internet, if you are interested in our products, please obtain the test report from us!
please feel free to contact me, very happy to serve you.
Finally, I wish you find the proper supplier!


ItemBlack Garlic
Colorinside is black
What's black garlic



Black garlic is known as "black garlic, fermented black garlic.We bring skin fresh raw garlic in high temperature and high humidity in the fermentation tank, naturalfermentation natural health food made of 90 days. It in raw garlic, on the basis of theoriginal composition, oxidation resistance, resistance to the effect of acidizing increased dozens of times.




main function


? Purely natural, healthy and green food
? Richly containing 18 kinds of amino acids which are essential to human body
? Enhancing immunity,especially for the vulnerable people
? Resisting fatigue and ageing effectively
? Assisting in the recovery of the weakened and elderly
? Helping in adjusting blood pressure,blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterol levels  




 suitable for


1. Middle and senile urinary frequency, constipation, body weakness, easy to cold, easy to insomnia
2. Female emotional anxiety, increased pigmentation, cold hands and feet.
3. Patients with diabetes and its three high. (High blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure)
4. Long-term fatigue health groups.
5. People with liver disease.
6. Cancer patients
7. Kidney empty, frail person
8. In the sub-health state.
9. The man under the immunity .
10. People who want to stay young.


Q1. Are you the factory or trading company? 
A1: We are the professional factory founded more than 7 years.

Q2. What is your factory's advantages?
A2: Rich production experience,strict quality control and competitive factory price are our advantages in the market business

Q3.What is your lead time?
A3: For sample,usually 1days,for mass production,usually 10 days

Q4.What is your payment term?
A4: T/T(30% deposit and balance before shipping) or L/C

Q5:Do you sell black garlic individually or by weight?Kg or ton?

A5:We sell individually black garlic.

We are regular factory,Japanese professional technology.We are extremely strict to the quality request.each product must be carefully selected.So by weight to sell black garlic is not scientific.




Henan Mushan Black Garlic Biology Engineering Co., Ltd
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