Ningbo Hautek Industries Co., Ltd.

waterzuivering machine, spuitgietmachine, klap machine fabrikant / leverancier in China.

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Industrial Use Water Purify Machine

Referentie FOB Prijs:
US $ 5 800,00- 8 800,00  / Set
MOQ: 1 Set
Betalingscondities: LC, T / T, Western Union, Kleine-bedrag betalen
Havenplaats: Ningbo, China
Verpakking: Wooden Case


Basic Info
  • Model No: JJS-3000
  • Zout afwijzing tarief : 99,5%
  • Toepassing : Industrie
Extra Informatie..
  • Trademark: Hautek
  • Packing: Wooden Case
  • Origin: Ningbi, China

Some projects abroad of Hautek:2001 Nigeria: 200BPH 5Gallon water bottling and 3,000BPH water bottling plant.2003 Sri Lanka: 3,000BPH carbonated beverage production line.2003 Maldives: 3,000BPH water bottling line (with seawater desalination)2005 Sri Lanka: 12,000BPH carbonated beverage production line.2006 Nigeria: 9,000BPH water bottling production line.2006 Libya: 2,000BPH water bottling production line.2007 Angola: 9,000BPH water bottling production line.2008 Russia: 12,000BPH x 2 water bottling plant.2009 Rwanda: 3,000BPH water bottling production line.2010 Yemen: 9,000BPH water bottling plant.2011 Cameroun: 2,000BPH water bottling production line.2012 Nigeria: 12,000BPH water bottling plant.2013 Tanzania: 2,000BPH water bottling plant. Working conditions :Raw water source : Well water or city tap water.Raw water total dissolved solid ( TDS ) : Less than 1500ppm.[Cl]- less than 50ppm, [Fe]+ less than 0.5ppm,[Mn]+ less than 0.1ppmRaw water total hardness : less than 200ppm.Operation : 24 hours/day. Features :1), Full-automatic controlled,machine will make the pure water accoding to water consumption automatically. 2), No need to install a roof tank, just connect house input pipe with machine product water pump, there is constant pressure inside pipe, pressure water will come out tap continuously. If close tap, product water pump will stop automatically, if open the tap, and product water pump will start by automatically also.3),Mirco cartridge and activated carbon cartridge in first step to remove big size objection, color smell etc. to protect RO membrane.4), With low pressure switch and high pressure switch to avoid no water come in or jammed in pipe.5), Choose ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane to reduce power consumption.6), With UV sterilizer after RO membrane to give the sterile product water.7), With TDS meter, pressure meter, flow meter to show the machine running and product water quality.8), Auto self flushing process to c lear the surfact of RO membrane, it can extent TO membrane life.9),Widely use in purification for water from well or city tape, specially suit for family house or factory to supply pure drinking water.