Quanzhou Baojie Electronics Co., Ltd.

Two Way Radio, walkie talkie, versterker fabrikant / leverancier in China.

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Bidirectionele RadioRepeater

MOQ: 1 Piece
Betalingscondities: T / T, PayPal
Model No: BJ-851


Basic Info
  • Model No: BJ-851
  • Type : Signaalversterker

BJ-851 draadloze repeater - Freq. Waaier: 400-470MHz
- Freq. Ruimte: 10MHz
- Rx freq. Hoger dan Tx freq.
- De macht van rf: 10W

Frequency Range: 406-512 MHZ
Frequency Spacing: 10MHZ
Duplex Band Width: 1MHZ
Modulation Type: FM 16F3
Operating Voltage: 12-14V
Current: standby current  :  0.3A       Rx current : 0.8A      Tx current :3.0A
Frequency Stability: ≥2.5 PPM
Channel Spacing: 25KHZ
Weight: Approx 3kg
Specification of Duplexer  
Frequency Range (MHZ): RX:453.5---456.5MHZ   TX:463.5---466.5MHZ
Frequency Spacing (MHZ): 10MHZ
Max Output Power (W): 10W
Receiving End Insertion loss (dB): ≤2dB
Transmitting End Insertion loss (dB): <1.5dB
Transmitting-Receiving End Isolation (dB)  ≥60dB
Max VSWR: 1.5
Operating Temperature Range: -30-----+60°C
Frequency Stability: Approx 2.5ppm/°C
Matched Impedance: 50Ω
Simplex Sensitivity: ≥0.3uv(12dB SINAD)
Duplex Sensitivity: <3dB
Squelch Sensitivity ≥0.2uv
Selectivity: -70dB
Spurious Radiation: -75dB
Intermodulation Rejection: -75dB
Residual Noise: -45dB
DEMP FO: 6±3dB
Audio Output Power: 4.0W
Audio Distortion: <5%
Working Mode: receiving mode
Output Power: 5-10W
Spurious Radiation: ≤80dB
Residual Modulation: -45dB
Audio Distortion: <5%
Max Modulation: 5KHZ
Pre-emphasis Frequencies: 6±3dB
Working Mode: Transmitting Mode
CPU Controller  
Receiving-Transmitting Frequency Setting  
Automatic Repeater Setting  
MIC and PTT control  
PC Programming  

Quanzhou Baojie Electronics Co., Ltd.
Fujian , China
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