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Mobile Testing Power Supply (Microamp) M8831

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Mobile Testing Power Supply (Microamp) M8831
M8831 Power supply, a new generation of programmable linear power supply, are designed with high speed dynamic programming output(Voltage 0-30V, 1ms rising time), high current accuracy (0.001mA resolution) and low internal resistance, which can satisfy all the test requirements. The combination of bench-top and system features in these power supplies not only make it possible to option into other equipments, but also make it possible for users to edit program by panel keyboard, which will bring much convenience to users. Meanwhile, the voltage level switch works without relay, which will cause the fast switch between high voltage and low voltage. Moreover, M8831 powr supply provides the best solutions for cellphone research, micro-electronics lab, research institue and special users requiring power supply with low current buthigh accuracy.

* Low ripple and low noise.
* High resolution and accuracy (0.1mV/0.01mA).
* Built-in high-accuracy 5 1/2 voltmeter and milliohmmeter.
* Supporting high-accuracy and dynamic programming output.
* High-luminance VFD screen with two lines& four channels display.
* Intellegent fan system fan will be automatically initiated according to the temperature.
* Supporting remote voltage compensation and multidata storage.
* Supporting external trigger input and output.
* Power-on-self-test, software calibration and standard rack mount.
* Using standard SCPI protocol
* Communication mode: RS232/RS485/USB
Mobile Testing Power Supply (Microamp) M8831

Model   M8874
Input Rating Voltage 0-100V
Current 0-11A
Load Regulation Voltage <0.01%+1mV
Current <0.01%+0.1mA
Setting Value Resolution Voltage 2mV
Current 0.2mA
Read back Value Resolution Voltage 1mV
Current 0.05%+1mA
Setting Value Accuracy Voltage 0.03%+10mV
Current 0.05%+1mA
Read back Value Accuracy Voltage 0.03%+10mV
Current 0.05%+1mA
Ripple Voltage 8mvp-p
Current 2.5mA rms
Voltmeter Accuracy  0-12V Accuracy: 0.02%+2mV;   0-50V Accuracy: 0.02%+5mV
Milliohm meter Accuracy 10W   0-1000mΩ Accuracy: 0.2%+3 mΩ;   1000-10000 mΩ Accuracy: 0.2%+6 mΩ
Working Condition      0-40ºC;   0-90% RH
Power Required AC 100V/120V/220V + 10%; 50/60 HZ
Weight 38Kg
Dimension 583mm (W)*180 mm(H)*445mm(D)
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