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Verticale meertraps centrifugaalpomp



Low noise: Install the model number of Y2 electric motor, the circulate is steady, and low noise
Without leakage: Specially selected mechanical seal and science processes a craft, professional technical assurance, carry out the pursue of"without leakage"
Simple to demolish and install: Rigid couplings, spline shaft design, the weight ease 50% than the pumps, and the operability is better
Install is convenient: Enter of water and out of water are on the same level, the Lower to the tube road request, the the and tube road the s usage is more dependable, the stability is higher
The investment of pump - house - building is less: At the orginally foundation of vertical
Multistage pump go forward to go an improvement, the the physical volume is small, covering area little
Avoid the second-pollution of the fluid matter: Inducer and shaft are made of stainless steel, overcome the weakness of the cast-iron pump, promise the quality of the fluid matter
Have no rust eclipse harassment: The use cylinder of stainless steel, better adapt various environment, never rusty
The life span is longer: The material hurtles of stainless steel are pressed, the weld impeller, the weight is light, balance good, circulate a stability
Support expenses low: The Adopt the water-lubrication-bearing design, Circulate more dependable, need not to lubriicate to maintain
Efficiently and economize on energy: The More excellent water power model, the smooth of over flow a parts, raised a machine efficiency consumedly.

Shanghai Yihuan Flow Control Equipment Co., Ltd
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