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Het Meetapparaat van de Kopspijker van de inkt, Inkometer

MOQ: 1 Piece
Betalingscondities: LC, T / T
Model No: CB-50T


Basic Info
  • Model No: CB-50T
  • Nauwkeurigheid : ¡± 3%
  • Viscometer Type : Draaiend

Item CB-50T, Inkometer
--- --- Appliacation to:  Inks tack testing on kinds of UV Inks & offset inks.
Video:  https://youtu.be/mza8LwD6Muc 
Video:  http://youtu.be/SDgV9HFrA2w 
Each type of ink has a different tack and this is why it is important to measure the tack of the ink. After all, this determines how an ink behaves on the press. How much force is required to distribute the ink over the roller evenly and is the ink suitable for specific types of paper? Too much tack could loosen fibres on the surface of the paper for example. It is also important for the correct color sequence on the printing press. With a four color press the tack value of the inks on consecutive towers of the press will have to be slightly less in order to prevent the last ink layer from pulling the previous ink layer from the paper.
Technical  Specifications
1.Brass roller speed range:  
      Speed I:  400 RPM;
      Speed II: 800 RPM;
      Speed III: 1200 RPM;
      Speed IV:  1600 RPM;
      Speed V:  2000  RPM;.
Additional: Roller Testing Speeds - Programmable from 0 to 2000 RPM (3000 RPM Optional customized)
2. (New)Roller Speed Accuracy:  Deviation is less than 1 RPM 
3. Power supply voltage: 220 v, 50/60 Hz
4. Power: 1600W (motor 800W, water tank 800W)
5. (New)Pump flow: Regarding constant temperature circulator, the wather pump flow is 10L per minute ( Water tank capacity: 8L )
6.Lateral error: Lateral error of brassr roller will be ± 0.3mm after leveling on workbench .
7.Temperature error: The temperature error is only ±0.1 °C when working on official standard CTC ( Constant Temperature Circulator water tank)
8.(New) Testing Accuracy: Reproducibility ± 0.2 gram-meters base on same testing condition,
9. Screen Display: grammable in Chinese or English, and display 0.1 gram-meter about testing values.
10.Printing: Testing time, number, temperature, speed, tack values. It is programmable printing ink Chinese or English.
11. (New)Tack Values:  Inks tack values data can be transmitted to PC and saved in excel document file, or draw a curve Files. 
12. Accessories: With a piece of ink pipette, which is very easy to dismantle, install and cleaning.
13. Dimensions: 750x300x480mm
14. Net weight: 130 KG
15. Noise: less than 50 decibel
 Inkometer item CB-50T is with Modern Intelligent Control.
Electronic control system: Siemens PLC (Germany)
Servo motor: Delta (Taiwan)
Display screen: Weinview (Taiwan)
Switching Power Supply: Mean Well(Taiwan)
Contact switch : OMRON (Japan) 

1.  By equipped with PLC+ Touch Screen +servo motor, we can clearly and correctly read Instantaneous speed of brass roller & water tank temperature from the screen display, this machine will automatically adjust its testing condition.(the servo motor will guarantee the brass Roller Speed Accuracy: deviation is less than 1 RPM, and temperature deviation is 0.1 degree), which will guarantee testing conditional stability in any condition, and also guarantee testing quality and reproducibility on Inks tack.
2. The instrument also equipped with humanized design, multiple test mode. The entire process doesn't need the manual test pressure of the rollers and ink roller clutch, it will be automatically done by the machine.
3. Simple calibration on sensor and the load, also this machine with features of Multipoint calibration, Ink tack values can be calibrated to consistent with that from any other brand inkometer machine.
4. Testing in optermizer mode, we will have 300 datas of numeric in testing point in time in 1 second. Now lets remove 100 datas of the highest data-value and 100 of the lowest-data value from them, then strike an average to the remaining 100, finally you will have the most stable ink tack values data.
5. Testing in cycle mode, it can be set after the first testing, again repeated measurement & testing in intermittent time, to have ink tack values during in different time point, so that we will have TV curves data.
6.Testing in custom mode, we can set 6 testing time points and 6 different speed to have different TV data. For example: Ink distribution time1 (speed 1) - testing time2 (speed 2) - testing time 3 (speed 3) - testing time 4 (speed 4) - testing time 5 (speed 5) - testing time 6 (speed 6)
7.Tack Values: Inks tack values data can be transmitted to PC and saved in excel document file, or draw a curve Files.
8. Testing Accuracy: Reproducibility ± 0.1 gram-meters base on same testing condition, (No - load tested 10 times to tack values data)
The Inkometer CB-50T measures the apparent tack of printing ink under conditions closely
approximating the dynamic conditions of the ink-distribution system of a printing press.
The testing instrument provides the highest accuracy and efficiency for research & development, quality control and process evaluation to verify, test and improve quality.
The instrument measures the integrated forces involved in ink film splitting and the effects of
roller speed, fi lm thickness, temperature and solvent evaporation.
The Inkometer CB-50T consists of three rollers:
1.The center roller is a temperature controlled brass roller.
2.The bottom roller is an oscillating rubber composition distribution roller.
3.The top roller is a rubber composition roller attached to the measuring system which measures tack.
Rollers are available for testing standard and UV inks. The brass roller temperature is controlled by circulating a coolant mixture provided by a Constant Temperature Circulator (CTC).
The tack is reported in 0.1 gram-meters and represents the torque required to "work" the ink film at a known rate with predetermined film thickness and temperature.
The Inkometer CB-50T with big digital display screen shows the temperature, tack, roller speed and test time.  Statistical reports can be viewed directly from the display.  

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