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insecticide, pesticide, fungicide fabrikant / leverancier in China, dat kwaliteit CAS Nr: 99129-21-2 het Herbicide Clethodim 240g/L de EG van ..., De Citrusvrucht van de Pesticiden van het Insecticide van de ..., 100% In water oplosbare NPK 13-40-13 en ga zo maar door.

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 Bentazone 480g/L, Bentazone 48% SL, Bentazone Herbicide

Bentazone 480g/L, Bentazone 48% SL, Bentazone Herbicide

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Basic Info

Model No.
Bentazone 480g/L, bentazone 48% SL

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as Client's Request
China, Shanghai


Basic information:

1. Common name: Bentazone
2. CAS No.: [25057-89-0]
3. MF: C10H12N2O3S
4. MW: 240.3
5. Appearance; Pure goods is a colorless crystals
6. MP: 137-139 degree
7. Relative density: 1.47
8. VP: 0.46mPa (20 degree)
9. Solubility: (g/kg/20 degree) acetone: 1507, benzene: 33, ethyl acetate: 650, ether: 616, cyclohexane: 0.2, chloroform: 180, ethanol: 861, water: 570mg / L (pH 7, 20 degree)

Feature: It's a selective postemergence herbicides, for weed seedling foliar treatment

Formulation type: 48% SL, 25% SL, 95% TC

Application: It's applicable for soybeans, peanuts, wheat, rice, corn, beans, beans, peas, sugar, onion, sweet potato, potato, tea, flax, alfalfa, mint, astragalus, su, lawn. To prevent broadleaf weeds and sedge weeds, has no effect to grass weeds

Product namebentazone 95%TC 48%SL herbicide cas 25057-89-0
  General info
Commom name: Benzoate
Molecular formula: C10H12N2O3S
Molecular weight: 240.3
Cas No.# 25057-89-0
Appearance: Colorless crystals
Assay (w/w) (%): Min. 95.0%
Water content (%): Max. 1.0%


Mol. wt. 240.3 
M.F. C10H12N2O3S  Form Colourless crystals. 
M.p. 139.4-141 °C 
V.p. 0.17 mPa (20 °C)  KOW logP = 0.77 (pH 5), -0.46 (pH 7), -0.55 (pH 9)  Henry7.167 
10-5  Pa m3 mol-1 (calc.)  S.g./density 1.41 (20 °C) 
Solubility In water 570 mg/l (pH 7, 20 ºC). In acetone 1387, methanol 1061, ethyl
acetate 582, dichloromethane 206, n-heptane 0.5 ´ 10-3 (all in g/l, 20 ºC). 
Stability:Very resistant to hydrolysis in both acidic and alkaline media.
Decomposed by sunlight.  pKa 3.3 (24 ºC) 


Benzoate is a selective contact herbicide, which is absorbed mainly by the foliage, with very little translocation, but also can be absorbed by the roots, with translocation acropetally in the xylem. It is used to control Anthemis, Chamomilla and Matricaria app., Chrysanthemum segetum, Galium aparune, Lapsana communis and Stellaria media in winter and spring cereals at 1.0-2.0 Kg a.i./ha. Other crops include peanuts, maize, peas, phaseolus beans and soya beans etc.





480 g/L SL



Off-White powder

transparent liquid


A. I. Content, %

95.0 min

480.0 g/L min


Loss on drying, %

0.30 max

0.30 max


PH Value




Insoluble in Acetone, %

0.10 max







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