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  • Limpio Lana De Acero Metal Wool
  • Limpio Lana De Acero Metal Wool

Limpio Lana De Acero Metal Wool

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During the past ten years we have been specialized in making non woven wheel ,steel wool and coated abrasives such as sanding disc ,sandpaper etc

Limpio Lana De Acero Metal Wool
#0000 super finevarnish, shellac and polyurethane. Buff furniture and woodwork to high luster using wax or oil, cleans precision tools.
#000 extra finescuff sand between coats to remove imperfection. remove paint drips and splatters. remove wax or polish from fine furniture with soap and water.
#00 very finepolish  aluminum, copper, brass and other bright metals. remove old finisher from antiques and stains from wood floor. clean and polish
metal fiber wheels, screens and metal lawn furniture. repair burn marks on wood or leather.
#0 finescour pots, pans, utensils and metal surfaces using non abrasive cleaners. clean porcelain, tile and grout. Remove rust and protect metal tools using oil.
Clean tires using souring powders or cleaners.
#1 mediumPrepare wood for primary coat and smo0th raised grain. clean coppers pipes and fittings. Deg loss painted surfaces before applying coatings. clean linoleum
floors and bowling balls.
y#2 medium coarseRemove paint from moulding and awkward corners. Etch porcelain and metal surfaces. remove wax build-up and scuff marks from floors. clean glass block.
#3 coarseRemove old paint, varnish, Clean rough metal or stove surfaces. clean engines and heavy machinery. tuck into holes, cracks and openings to control
rodents, birds and other pests.
#4 extra coarseRemove the most stubborn paint, rust, dirt, and varnish. strip paint and other coatings from exterior woodwork.

Product description
Steel wool /wire wool/metal wool is widely used for surface polishing,cleaning and deburring in furniture ,stone ,handicraft,hardware and glass industry .

Model: we get nine model

Fine:0# 00# 000# 0000# 00000#
Coarse:1# 2# 3# 4#

Weight:2kg per pcs ,100g per pcs or Customized

Packing:plastic bags ,paper card ,or customized. Well packed ,no rust

2kg Roll ,20GP ,430 cartons ,40HQ 1015 cartons
100g , 20Gp ,280 cartons ,40HQ 680 cartons.

Limpio Lana De Acero Metal Wool

Limpio Lana De Acero Metal WoolLimpio Lana De Acero Metal Wool


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