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TDS Lighting Co., Ltd

TDS Lighting Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer which specializes in manufacturing developing and selling LED diode and LED appliance since 2005, The company is ISO9001, CE, RoHS, UL certificated. With hard work and innovation these years, we have won a good reputation as one of the best quality and the largest suppliers in LED field in China.

We have various kinds of products which include High power LED from 1 watt to 100watt, 5mm to 10mm LED diode. (Round, Strawhat, Oval, concave, square, RGB flash, candle LED, 0.5W 8mm LED and 10mm round LED. etc. ) Our LED lamps includes the LED spotlight, LED downlight, Ceiling light, LED bulb, T8/T10 tube and other indoor lighting device.


T. D. S. Is an Chinese company

T. D. S. Products are 100% designed, engineered, manufactured of LED in China using the latest production tools available and advanced automation, including numerical-control machines.

T. D. S. Distributes its products in 70 Countries all over the world.

A range of 20 product lines

Today T. D. S. Is proud to offer a production range with 19 product lines and over 200 articles suitable for all uses, from LED spotlight, LED ceiling light, LED down light, LED tube, LED projector and from indoor to outdoor lighting, with a planned turnover that allows the company to constantly update its LED quality.

Product lines include: Automatic boding machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic injection machine, sorting machine, aging test machine, reflow soldering machine, and etc.

T. D. S. Wants to be not just a producer, but also a reliable partner

Selling a product means offering a value that goes beyond the product itself.

That's why T. D. S. Provides professional consulting for the choice of the best products for different needs; Comprehensive after-sales assistance; Specialized solutions for adapting T. D. S. Products to the customer needs.

T. D. S. Quality system is certified to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard / CE / RoHS / SGS

ISO 9001: 2008 certification should not be seen as an exceptional achievement, because it merely expresses the long-held idea of how a company should work, and the firm belief that resources, production procedures and internal organization must always be oriented towards total customer satisfaction. However, we have the quality standard certificates_CE / RoHS

T. D. S. Is committed to the environment

T. D. S. Operates in an area which is far from the city center and people community...

The company makes every effort to operate in a manner ensuring minimal environmental impact on such an impressive natural context.

In this regard, T. D. S. Has implemented efforts in three spheres: * recycling of raw materials; * management of residues; * efficiency and energy saving.

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Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant/fabriek, Group Corporation
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Registratie : 2015
TDS Lighting Co., Ltd
Anhui , China
Heeft Geregistreerd in : 2015
Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant/fabriek, Group Corporation