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De Behandeling van de Machine van de Straling van de Golf van de Millimeter van Hnc van Diabetes

MOQ: 1 Piece
Betalingscondities: LC, T / T, PayPal, Kleine-bedrag betalen, Western Union
Productiecapaciteit: 10, 000PCS/ Month
Verpakking: Gift Box


Basic Info
  • Model No: HWB-110
  • Functie : Biologische VERORDE
  • Theorie : Electrotherapeutics
  • Certificaat : ISO13485
  • LCD Display : Met LCD-scherm
  • Groep : Volwassene
Extra Informatie..
  • Trademark: HNC, OEM, ODM
  • Packing: Gift Box
  • Origin: China, Wuhan
  • HS Code: 90189090
  • Production Capacity: 10, 000PCS/ Month

HNC millimeter wave irradiation machine treatment of diabetesSpecifications1. High quality high frequency millimeter wave electromagnetic products2. High quality imported laser diode3. No side effect, no pain, no heat, no damage, no radiation4. High effect, good long-term curative effect, not easy to reappearMillimeter wave features: 1 Painless, without infection, without medication2 No radiation, no heat damage, no side effect3 Safe, have two-ways regulation effect4 Can adjust or restore patients' immune function, improve the disease resistance5 High effect, good long-term curative effect, not easy to reappear6 not only used in medical, but also ideal for the average family home medical equipment. What is millimeter wave? Millimeter wave is 1-10mm electromagnetic wave, it is equal to frequency range 300GHZ-30GHZ, it is a low power, short wavelength, high frequency electromagnetic wave and locates in interchange of the light wave, also called extremely high frequency electromagnetic wave. Millimeter wave electro-magnetic therapy is supplemented by way of energy through the meridians, body fluid pathways, neural pathways, to regulate patient immune system. It's based on the principle of coherent oscillation resonance theory. Efficacy: Millimeter wave irradiation has an inhibitory and killing effect on the cancer cells, theTumor burden decreased and pain will disappear, and change of blood rheological properties, strengthen the local tissue metabolism, promote absorption of inflammation, eliminate swelling, relieve pain. Application ScopeDiabetes, cancer, tumorThree advantages of electro-magnetic wave in cancer pain relief: 1. Compared with traditional drug therapy, it's no-side effect, no drugdependence. 2. It's effective in inhibiting cancel cells and reducing chemotherapy sideEffects which is not available in any painkillers3. Easy in treatment, safe & accumulative effectMain StructureConsist of host, millimeter wave irradiation head, straps, power wire. Main Functions1. Non-thermal effectsMillimeter does not treat diseases via increasing body temperature. In the treatment of diseases, no thermal, no pain, no stimulation, an internationally recognized green therapy. 2. Distal EffectsMillimeter wave can be conducted through the inter-cell, neural, humeral, and other means of the meridian through the irradiation point on the biological activity, or even the effect of the body up to the depth of the lesion. 3. The cumulative effect of time

Punt  Beschrijving
Werkende frequentie 33GHz ~ 39GHz 
Golflengte 7.5mm10mm 
De machtsdichtheid van de output 4mW/cm2 ~ 9mW/cm2 
Geschatte inputmacht <30VA 
Macht AC220V 50Hz 
Het type van de therapieapparaat van de anti-schok Klasse I
Toepassing Part Type van bescherming
Relatieve vochtigheid ≤  80%
Luchtdruk 860hPa ~ l060hPa
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