Zhenjiang Shanrui Electron Technology Development Co., Ltd.

vorkheftrucks, machines voor, rf coaxiale connectoren fabrikant / leverancier in China.

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RF connector

Referentie FOB Prijs:
US $ 5,00  / Piece
MOQ: 100 Pieces
Betalingscondities: T / T
Model No: DIN /N/SMA
Oorsprong: China


Basic Info
  • Model No: DIN /N/SMA
Extra Informatie..
  • Origin: China

Connector Cable extensively used in communication systems and rf Connector Cable have become the recognized standard in telecommunications in many parts of the country.
Rf Connector Cable wad designed around the requirements of BS 9210 f0022 and draft specifications CECCC 122300, a wide range of connectors featuring some of the latest innovations are now available.
Rf Connector Cable also offers the popular Push-Pull self-latching connector together with recently developed PCB connectors that are a snap fit to the board, overcoming the need for jigging and possible re-work.

Zhenjiang Shanrui Electron Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu , China
Heeft Geregistreerd in : 2011
Soort Bedrijf : Fabrikant/fabriek, Trading Company