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afslankende patch, voet patch, voetmasker fabrikant / leverancier in China.

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 De beste Groene Koffie van het Vermageringsdieet van de Gezondheid van het Aandeel Natuurlijke

De beste Groene Koffie van het Vermageringsdieet van de Gezondheid van het Aandeel Natuurlijke

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slimming tea

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Packing Bag
50000 Piece/Month


1 effectively reduce weight tea
2 effect is obvious
3 the product is very sell like hot cakes
Green Tea(Big Leaf) is rich in tea polyphenol, alkaloid, theanine and so on. Polyphenol has the effects of anti-ageing, anti-radiation, sterilization and anti-cancer. Alkaloid has the functions of exciting central nervous, strengthening heart, aiding digestion, detoxification and diuresis. Theanine has sedative effect, which can enhance memory ability, improve immunity, prevent nerve disorder syndrome, insomnia, menstrual syndromes, prevent and cure senile dementia, etc.
-- 100% nature Yunan large-leaves tea, no pesticides, no additives

Product introduction:
Modern science and numerous studies have confirmed that the tea does contain closely related to human health and biochemical ingredients, tea is not only a refresh the mind, heat has soared, the disappear of phlegm, to be bored with to lose weight, blessed are except vexed, detoxification from ingesting, thirst quenching, send fire bright eye, pharmacological effects, such as check flow field dehumidify also for modern diseases, such as radiation sickness, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, cancer and other diseases, has the certain pharmacological efficacy. Tea has the pharmacological effects of ingredient is tea polyphenols, lipopolysaccharide, theanine, etc Main ingredients: Tea polyphenols, lipopolysaccharide, theanine, etc

USE: Warm water to take

Storage method: Put the shade

Tea contains catechins, cholesteric ketene, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid and other
Ingredients, under the comprehensive function, prevent and inhibit the effect of obesity. In Japan,
Especially like oolong tea in China. Because the role of oolong tea to break down fat is stronger, can help
Remove greasy, help digestion, have effect reducing weight. Karroubi, director of the French Paris st east
Anglia, medicine clinical doctors study confirms that often drink yunnan puer tea, can reduce triglyceride
And cholesterol in the body. French women, especially young women very pay attention to physical beauty,
They called the puer tea "tea". French doctors puer made the test, subjects drank three cups of tea per
Person a day, hold to a month, the results some weight loss, some lipid decreased. French doctors also
Used the yunnan tuo tea to the experiment of 40 obese men and women, let them early, at noon, at night,
The daily drink tuo tea, more than 40% of body weight have different degree of ease. This is one reason for
The French people like to drink tea in yunnan. According to the role of tea can reduce weight, tea as "tea",
"strong and handsome tea" of the main raw material.

Main Function

Green Tea, Senna, Peppermint, Orange Peel, Licorice Root, Lemon Grass, Camelia Sinnensis

Main Ingredien

Loss weight

Per Carton

200 Piece/Carton



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